heatmaps for e.t. biocover

Tetra Tech partnering with University of Calgary were granted the project
  • to demonstrate an Evapotranspiration-Landfill Biocovers (ET-LBCs)
  • develop a monitoring and measurement protocol and
  • create long term legacy project to inspire widespread adoption of the technology.

These charts were created to monitor moisture infiltration and temperature needed for research.

cart data analysis

City of Calgary surveyed bins in over 200,000 homes with an intent to educate communities to better sort recycling. 

"... Tetra Tech, the company who took over the program, re-visited the households; the program proved successful as contamination decreased by 17 per cent..."Alanna Smith, Calgary Herald


I put together these tutorials for myself, and I hope that you will find them useful too. Ad-free.

introduction to docker

If you are a developer, you know that if your code works on one device, it might not on the next. Docker enables you to run many environments and services simultaniously, without an extra load on your system, and with reliable reproducable results on different devices.

raspberry pi wifi controller 

A step by step guide for setting up your Raspberry Pi as a controller unit, taking advantage of full Linux capabilities and the extremely powerful Python libraries. Although RPi can run as a full desktop PC, this guide will show you how to use SSH to interface with Raspberry Pi using only terminal commands.